Emma - July 2005

April 15, 2007


Dear Berta -

The Rifton Pacer arrived in perfect condition! I am thrilled with it. Emma (who is three) used to cry at the sight of her old walker but now she actually crawls over to the Pacer! This is fantastic!!!

A little history on our sweetie: microcephalic since birth, no known cause. Global delay, no words, can't stand or walk independently but boy she can make a heart sing!

Because of Emma’s vestibular system, she is adverse to movement. She was anxious with any “movement through space.” Movement – even standing at her other walker – caused her an incredible amount of anxiety. She would cry at the sight of the walker and physically tremble when placed in it, even when the wheels were locked. Emma also did not like to bear weight on her legs. We were really discouraged.

Emma’s hips weren’t developing and weight bearing was really becoming an issue for her hips. I believed that Emma needed to be upright and had the potential to walk, but needed something to help get her there. My husband and I decided to try something else.

We did an Internet survey with a group of parents of children with special needs, to find out what other parents preferred and used with their children. It quickly became apparent that Rifton was the winner. The Pacer came back on top for nearly 80% of these parents of children using assisted walkers. Congratulations!

An online site had equipment reviews of gait trainers submitted by PTs and PTA’s. The PT reviews raved about your product! The reviews of gait trainers showed that Rifton was the leader in this type of equipment, because the Pacer has the ability to change as the child improves and develops new skills.

We found an Easter Seals that met with us to fit Emma and write her a Letter of Medical Necessity. And then Betty and Larry from McNelis Home Care were SO GOOD to us, and great to work with in getting our Pacer.

Now we have our Pacer and Emma stands in it without complaint! : ) When almost fully supported by the Hip Positioner, she will toe touch and move herself! This has been wonderful because until now she has been fearful of movement.

Thank you again ... we are so excited with the prospect of our daughter walking!

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