Hugh's Tricycle

May 14, 2006

hugh1Read a letter of appreciation that Rifton received from a happy customer...

Dear Rifton,

About one month ago my three year old son, Hugh, who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, self-propelled a tricycle at school. He had had three adaptive tricycles before this event, and had enjoyed riding on them, but always had to be pushed. However, the special education class at Woodvale Elementary here in Lafayette, Louisiana had an old Rifton adaptive tricycle that many other children had been able to ride. They put Hugh on the tricycle and he took off.

No one at the school knew how old the tricycle was or how it came to be at the school, just that it was very well used (several of the bolts can no longer be adjusted) but had held up very well and still performed very well. The tricycle has a sticker on the frame, generated by the school board inventory department, which lists a serial number of 104943. We do not know if this is a Rifton number but it is all we have.

The day after Hugh rode the tricycle for the first time we went to the school to get information about the tricycle. Later that day I called a nice fellow at Rifton and described the tricycle and was informed that you no longer market trikes of the same design, but that you still make tricycles. We spoke for several minutes and I was directed to the website. The fellow asked if we knew the serial number or anything else to help you identify the trike, but at the time we did not.

About two weeks ago we ordered, and three days ago we received, a shiny new Rifton Small (R120, formerly Rustler) trike. After our adjustments (not many) were confirmed with Hugh's physical therapist on Friday we put him on the trike to see what happened. He took off like a rocket with a facial expression of ownership and apparent sheer joy. The new tricycle serial number appears to be R12-2005-1109AA. This number is on a sticker on the rear axle; if there is somewhere else we should look for the true serial number, just let us know where to look and we will report.

We are favorably impressed with every Rifton product we have used. We also have here at home a Rifton gait trainer which we acquired after Hugh used a similar one which was on loan to the school last year.

We write to thank you. Your products have been liberating for our son. They all reflect sound ideas, engineering, and construction. We wanted you to know that your products are still performing out here years after their manufacture.

Timothy W. Basden
Lafayette, LA


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