Children with Severe Disabilities and the MOVE Curriculum

A Book for PT & OT Professionals

February 04, 2005 by Gilbert Thomson, PT

Children with Severe Disabilities and the MOVE Curriculum book coverThis book introduces the theory and foundations of the MOVE curriculum and offers a useful reference for all rehabilitation professionals who work with children with neurological disabilities. Making the connection between theory and practice, the major premise is that MOVE provides a practical framework to implement concepts from the motor control / motor learning literature for severely disabled children.


The book begins with an introductory chapter about the MOVE curriculum, followed by an overview of the population of children with severe neurological disabilities, using the Nagi model of the disabling process as a framework. Some basic neuroanatomy and neurophysiology is then reviewed in the third chapter. The next four chapters deal with current concepts in motor control, motor development, motor learning, and neural plasticity, relating the concepts to this population and to the MOVE curriculum. A systems approach to motor control and development is emphasized. The last two chapters relate MOVE to other task-oriented approaches, and include some practical advice about equipment and other issues.

  1. The M.O.V.E. Curriculum
  2. Children With Severe Disabilities
  3. Neurological Basis of Movement
  4. Motor Control
  5. Motor Development
  6. Motor Learning
  7. Neural Plasticity
  8. M.O.V.E. as a Task-oriented Approach
  9. Practical Considerations/Equipment


  • 289 pages
  • Fully illustrated with over 70 charts, diagrams, illustrations and photos
  • Clinical Points to clarify technical issues
  • Active Learning Exercises to try out concepts
  • Case Studies at the end of each chapter
  • Full list of references at the end of each chapter
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