Using the Scale for Weighing and Off-weighting

Rifton TRAM video 5

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The Rifton TRAM combines three powerful functions in a single, compact, ultralight device: seated transfer, sit-to-stand lift, and gait training. This short clip shows how you can use the TRAM’s optional built-in scale to quickly weigh your client during the course of a routine transfer and also to measure how much weight your client is bearing during gait training and standing practice.

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Rifton TRAM video 5: Using the Scale for Weighing and Off-weighting

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Visual: The TRAM scale in action

Narrator: The TRAM’s scale allows you to easily and accurately weigh your client during a transfer, without extra steps.

Visual: Caregiver standing at the TRAM; client seated in a manual wheelchair.

Narrator: To use your TRAM to weigh your client, you need to zero the integrated scale before placing your client in the device.

Visual: Caregiver attaching the thigh straps and arm prompts.

Narrator: First attach the accessories that you will use for this particular client. Then, to zero the scale, press the power button and then the zero button. 

Visual: A close-up of the scale screen showing the pause as scale goes through its turn-on sequence before you can press the zero button.

Narrator: Now perform a seated lift as shown in the first tutorial on seated transfers. 

Visual: Caregiver and client performing a seated transfer. 

Narrator: In this way the TRAM allows you to weigh your client during the course of a routine transfer. 

Visual: A close-up of the scale screen.


Visual: A client standing in the TRAM with a caregiver at the handle.

Narrator: In many clinical settings it’s important to be able to measure your client’s progress as you gradually increase the amount of weight he is bearing. The TRAM’s integrated scale can do this for you easily. Here’s how.

Visual: A client being raised and caregiver pressing the zero button.

Narrator: Raise the patient until he is entirely supported, with no weight transferring to the ground. Now zero the scale.

Lower the TRAM until your client’s feet begin to touch the ground and he begins to bear some weight. The negative value showing on the scale’s screen is the amount your client is bearing. This procedure can also be done with the client raised in the seated transfer position, prior to a transfer to standing. 

Visual: A client being lowered, showing his feet touching the floor. Close-up of capturing the number on scale screen.

Narrator: The Rifton TRAM. Award-winning design to help you lift, transfer, and ambulate your clients safely.

Visual: Caregiver hanging MDEA tag on handlebar.