Using the Swivel Locks

Rifton TRAM video 4

The Rifton TRAM combines three powerful functions in a single, compact, ultralight device: seated transfer, sit-to-stand lift, and gait training. This short clip shows how you can use the TRAM’s versatile Swivel locks (formerly called Directional Locks) to improve the TRAM’s handling particularly when gait training.

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Narrator: Caster direction locks (Swivel locks) allow you to control the TRAM’s movement in several ways.

Visual: Client in the TRAM in a standing position.

Narrator: The direction locks are installed on the casters easily with no tools. 

Visual: Demonstration of installation of the direction locks.

Narrator: It can be removed and installed on a different caster in seconds

Once installed, engage the lock by pressing down on the red plunger.

When using the TRAM for gait training, most clients will find steering easier with one or both of the rear casters locked directionally. 

Visual: Client walking with the rear lock engaged.

Narrator: Locking only a front caster can be helpful when maneuvering and relocating an empty TRAM. 

Visual: Caregiver locking a single front caster; caregiver maneuvering an empty TRAM.

Narrator: Locking one front and one rear caster will direct the TRAM in a straight line. 

Visual: Caregiver locking front and rear casters.

Narrator: This is particularly helpful if your client has trouble controlling lateral movements and needs practice on forward movement without steering. 

Visual: Caregiver and patient shown in process of forward movement without steering.

Narrator: Familiarizing yourself with the directional locks will offer you additional flexibility and assistance. It’s another way the Rifton TRAM is designed to enhance both the caregiver and client experience.

The Rifton TRAM. Award-winning design to help you lift, transfer, and ambulate your clients safely.

Visual: Caregiver hanging MDEA tag on handlebar.

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