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Support Station Instructions for the Fixed Position

The Support Station offers an opportunity for providing hygiene care in an upright position. Important: User's weight must not exceed 250 lbs.

WARNING: To prevent falls or injury, do not adjust the height or angle of the trunk board with a client on it. Adult supervision is required at all times. The support strap is not a substitute for close caregiver supervision.

Click here for instructions for the Pivot Position.

Support Station in the Fixed Position


1. Adjust Trunk Board Height

Adjust the height of trunk board height so that the front edge of the board is at mid-sternum level for a seated user.


2. Adjust Trunk Board Angle

Adjust the trunk board angle using the upper handles. When the board is closer to horizontal, it will bear most of the user's weight.


3. Wheel the user to Support Station


4. Transition to Standing

Transition the user to a supported standing position and fasten the support strap. The user can assist in the transfer by pulling on the handholds or slots in the trunk board.


5. Provide hygiene care

Provide hygiene care in the upright position, and transition the user back to the wheelchair.

Review these further available resources

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User Manual

For further instructions and warnings please refer to the product manual.


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