Benefits of the Rifton Support Station

| September 2011

specialneedschangingtablestoriesThe Rifton Support Station enables diapering, toileting and hygiene care to occur in a comfortable, convenient and dignified standing position.

  1. Greater independence and dignity: Putting an end to infant-like horizontal hygiene can have dramatic emotional benefits. Even people with very limited weight-bearing ability can now participate in their own personal care.
  2. Less time out: Faster than horizontal diapering, the Support Station lets everyone spend less time on hygiene and more time in class, in therapy or simply enjoying life.
  3. Improved safety for caregivers: Eliminating transfers to a mat or changing table means less lifting and wrestling with clothing, plus clothing and skin are more accessible — so the process is healthier for everyone.
  4. Adaptability: the padded trunk board is fully adjustable for patients of differing sizes and weight-bearing ability.With the trunk board in the horizontal position, the client’s torso rests comfortably during hygiene care, and no weight bearing is required.
  5. Practice in strength and skillbuilding: Using their own strength and skills to transfer and support themselves, clients improve weight-bearing and motor skills over time. The angle of the trunk board can be increased as users gain strength.
  6. Choices: can be installed as a stand-alone unit for use with a rolling commode or as a pivoting transfer aid to a stationary toilet.
  7. Easy cleaning: all components are designed for easy and thorough cleaning.
  8. Compact storage: The Support Station folds up flat to the wall for out-of-the-way storage – it requires just eight inches of space in its folded position.
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