Supine Stander

The ability to stand changes how people experience the world

Stand at eye level with your peers

In our supine standing frames clients can stand at eye level with their peers. Adjustable supports on the standing aid allow for functional alignment with the client’s arms free for activities.

Positioning someone with disabilities in a standing position is the first step to facilitating bone and muscle development and maintaining range of motion in addition to encouraging better functioning of the body’s internal systems.

Download the Supine Stander brochure.

A teenage girl stands in a Rifton Supine Stander and shares a laugh with friends.


Our bodies were made to be upright. Standing delivers enormous health benefits that everyone should enjoy. At Rifton we like to speak of the six B’s that benefit from standing: bones, breathing, blood, bowel, bladder and brains.

Optional components are available to tailor the standing frame to your client’s positioning needs. Supine standing provides many therapeutic benefits including head support with partial weight-bearing.


Rifton Supine Standers enable vertical standing for adults and children with physical disabilities. Using a vertical stander can strengthen core muscles and improve weight-bearing, weight-shifting and trunk control. Additionally, they promote upright social interactions at the same eye-level as a client’s peers. Use the slides below to learn more about Rifton standing frame features.

  • 1 Angle adjustment
  • 2 Armrests
  • 3 Casters
  • 4 Fold-down top
  • 5 Footboard
  • 6 Height adjustment
  • 7 Lateral supports
  • 8 S-curve frame
A large Rifton Supine Stander 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Use the slides below to learn more about the components of the Supine Stander.

Rifton Supine Stander tray
Additional laterals
Rifton Supine Stander sandals
Sandals and wedges
Rifton Prone Stander adjustable abduction wedge
Adjustable abduction wedge
Rifton Prone Stander round abductor
Round abductor
Rifton Prone Stander round abductor collar
Rifton Anchor
Hand Anchor

Sizes & Dimensions

Use this dimensions chart to help you make the right choice for your client.

Important: User’s weight must not exceed the maximum working load.

Key user dimensions (inches)
Supine Stander sizing

Select the appropriate Supine Stander by the user’s overall height. Choose the model that allows for growth.

A large Rifton Supine Stander E430 Large Supine Stander
User’s overall height :

46 – 72

Item Dimensions (inches) E430 Large Supine Stander
User’s overall height

46 – 72

Base length


Base width


Trunk support width

9 – 16

Height when horizontal

21 – 30

Height when vertical


Board length


Board width


Maximum working load (lb)


Tray dimensions

26 x 15

More information about the Supine Stander is located in the Product Manual.

Product Resources

Learn more about the Supine Stander using the resources below.


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