Supine Stander

The ability to stand changes how people experience the world


Rifton Supine Standers enable vertical standing for adults and children with physical disabilities. Using a vertical stander can strengthen core muscles and improve weight-bearing, weight-shifting and trunk control. Additionally, they promote upright social interactions at the same eye-level as a client’s peers. Use the slides below to learn more about Rifton standing frame features.

Fold-down top

  • Fold down the top of the Supine Stander for a user who needs to learn head control.

Lateral supports

  • The laterals slide out of the way to aid transfers. Laterals adjust easily: they slide in, out, up, down and rotate.


  • The armrests move up and down the frame or tilt at varying angles to encourage upper body control. They fold down when not needed.

Angle adjustment

  • Small Supine Stander: Angle adjustment is calibrated from 0° to 85° for accurate positioning.

    Large Supine Stander: Angle adjustment is calibrated from 0° to 85°.

Height adjustment

  • The small Supine Stander is 28½" high when horizontal.

    The large Supine Stander makes transfers easy. The manual crank raises and lowers the stander from 21" (wheelchair height) to 30" in the horizontal position.


  • Double-locking casters prevent roll and swivel during transfers.

S-curve frame

  • The sturdy, curved frame gives plenty of foot room to the caregiver and allows close proximity for transfer in and out of a wheelchair, or other equipment.


  • The footboard adjusts to bring client up to a comfortable height for the caregiver.