Mobile Stander

Provides mobility, independence and freedom to explore


Use the slides below to learn more about the components of the Mobile Stander.

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Arm prompts

  • Versatile arm prompts include height, rotation, angle, lateral proximity and forward/backward adjustments, to accommodate numerous positioning requirements. (require mounting bracket)

    Padded surface area: 4½ x 7"
    Range of adjustment (elbow to fist): 8 -12½"

  • A set of arm prompts being used on a Mobile Stander. Arm prompts provide fully adjustable support for users with poor head or shoulder control.

Mounting bracket

  • The mounting bracket secures either arm prompts or hand loops as well as a communication tray.

  • The mounting bracket on a Mobile Stander.

Large wheels

  • Large wheels with brakes pop on and off with the push of a button. Wheel locks provide security, spoke guards protect fingers, and hand rims keep hands clean.

  • To remove the wheels from the frame, hold the wheel with both hands using the rim and the two holes in the spoke guard, and push the button in the center of the wheel with your thumb.

Conversion kit

  • The conversion kit converts the smallest Mobile Stander (K110) to the next size up (K130) for less than one quarter the cost of a new stander. It includes the deck and complete body support of the K130.

  • A conversion kit being installed on a Mobile Stander.  The conversion kit is available for purchase here, with other Mobile Stander accessories.

Hand loops

  • Secure and adjustable, hand loops boost a client’s sense of stability and confidence while moving. (Require mounting bracket)

  • A pair of hand loops on a Mobile Stander attach as a pair or singly to the mounting bracket.

Communication tray

  • The communication tray is fully adjustable and holds small objects or activities. (requires mounting bracket)

    Inside dimensions: 8½ x 11"
    Max. working load: 10 lbs

  • The communication tray in use on a Mobile Stander.

Sandals and wedges

  • Sandals and wedges secure feet in the right position. Adjust sandals to rotate or slide, and add wedges for additional heel or toe elevation of up to 1¾" to align legs if one is shorter.

    Small: 4" x 6"
    Medium: 4½" x 8½"
    Large: 5" x 10½"

  • The sandals and wedges on the Mobile Stander.

Additional seat pads

  • Additional seat pads are available in two sizes to give your client extra support while in the Mobile Stander.

    Small: 6" x 7"
    Large: 8" x 11"

  • Two large seat pads in use on the Mobile Stander.