Adaptive Tricycle

Exercise with all the fun of riding


Riding a bike is part of childhood, and this bike for children with special needs aims to provide that exhilarating experience to every child. We've thought through all the features – from the supportive backrest to the low transfer step – that will make this tricycle as accommodating as possible. Use the slides below to learn more about Adaptive Tricycles.

Choice of handlebar

  • Two oval knobs on the loop handlebar allow it to be set at the angle most comfortable for the user.

  • Loosening the oval knob on the steering column allows the handlebar to be raised and lowered. Tightening the knob locks it in place.

  • The handbrake attaches anywhere on the foam-padded loop handlebar. The large adaptive Tricycle R140 comes with the handbrake installed. It is an optional accessory for the medium trike R130. A handbrake is not available with the small trike R120.

  • The handbrake comes with the large adaptive Tricycle R140. It is an optional accessory with the medium trike R130. A handbrake is not available with the small trike R120.

  • The foam-padded loop handlebar adjusts in height and positions at any angle.

  • Choose a straight handlebar with conventional handgrips or a padded loop handlebar for extra support. Learn more about the features and benefits of these handlebars in the next slides.

  • The height-adjustable straight handlebar for Adaptive Tricycles has standard handgrips.

Easy access

  • Open access combined with a low transfer step make it easy to get on and off the trike.

  • The low step, flip-away handlebar and removable laterals make transfers easy.

Hook & loop straps

  • With the hook and loop straps on the self-leveling pedals feet are secure. Your client can ride unaided and have healthy exercise and fun.

Parking brake

  • The easily engaged parking brake grips both back wheels and keeps the Adaptive Trike firmly in place.

Puncture proof wheels

  • Tricycles have puncture proof BMX-type wheels. A low gear ratio makes pedaling easier for beginners and slows down speeders.

Seat choices

  • Seats are made with comfort and safety in mind. The large R140 trike comes with the large seat. For the small R120 and medium R130 models, choose your size:

    Small: 10" wide x 10" long
    Large: 16" wide x 12" long

Tote box

  • There's a tote box at the back of your trike for storage or for transporting items.


  • Carmakers believe in the long-term benefits of baked-on powder coating. So do we.

    Designed to stand up to wind and weather, our colors also conform to American and European toy safety standards.

    Our adaptive Tricycle is available in 4 colors: red, blue, lime and pink. This slide shows a red Tricycle; swipe or click the arrows to view the other colors.

  • The Tricycle in blue.

  • The Tricycle in lime.

  • The Tricycle in pink.