Grab Bars & Anchors

Provide stabilization for tasks and activities

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Use the slides below to learn more about the features of the suction cup Grab Bars and Anchors.

Arm Anchor

  • The padded arm Anchor stabilizes the forearm. It can be adjusted lengthwise and the handgrip rotates to any angle to meet multiple positioning needs.

  • The arm Anchor being used on a table for stabilization during an activity.

  • The arm Anchor used on a table.

  • The arm Anchor stabilizes one arm, enabling the other to hold and deliver mail.

Elbow Anchor

  • The elbow Anchor provides stability to the forearm while leaving the hands free for functional activities. It can also reduce abnormal posturing of the shoulder girdle by maintaining the elbow position.

  • The elbow Anchor being used for stabilization at a table.

Hand Anchor

  • This ergonomic hand Anchor can be attached to any smooth surface to achieve stability and positioning. No more drilling through wheel chair trays!

  • The hand Anchor being used on a Supine Stander tray.

Grab Bar

  • This horizontal grab bar can be attached to any smooth surface to assist in functional activities. It can be used to stabilize both hands at once.

  • The horizontal grab bar being used on a table.

  • The horizontal grab bar being used on a kitchen counter.

Horizontal Anchor

  • This versatile horizontal Anchor is for those who can grasp more easily with their forearm pronated. Attach to any smooth table or tray surface for stability and positioning.

  • The horizontal Anchor being used on a table.

Wrist Anchor

  • For a more secure hand hold use the wrist Anchor to maintain hand placement with the additional wrist strap and pad.

  • The wrist anchor being used on a table.

  • The wrist anchor being used on a cafeteria table.