Pacer Gait Trainer

The therapist inspired gait training system


Use the slides below to learn more about the features that make the Pacer gait trainer the most versatile, adaptable and durable patient mobility aid on the market today.

Dynamic movement

  • Walking is dynamic. As we take steps to move through space we make subtle but significant shifts of the body both vertically and laterally. When providing gait training it’s important to accommodate this dynamic movement rather than restrict it.

  • The Pacer with the dynamic upper frame accommodates the natural side-to-side and up and down movements of the body during step-taking to facilitate a more effective gait pattern.

  • Our sleek dynamic upper frame delivers the kind of movement you’ve asked for with 2" of vertical and horizontal movement with separate lock-out control for each. Whatever the particular needs of your client – in either anterior or posterior positioning – you can now do more.

  • Dynamic weight-bearing – supporting 2" vertical up and down movement during the process of walking

  • Dynamic weight-shifting – providing support for 2" side-to-side movement while walking

Choice of two uppers

  • Dynamic upper frame A sophisticated, compact mechanism allows this upper frame to shift 2" vertically and horizontally, providing dynamic body support. These powerful features enable the vertical and lateral movements that occur naturally as we shift weight from one leg to the other. If your client doesn’t need this movement, vertical and lateral dynamic functions can be locked out independently.

  • The Standard upper frame is a great choice for clients who do not need dynamic movement. It accommodates all the Rifton prompts you’re familiar with and depend on.

Easy height adjustment

  • Both our upper frames feature a single telescoping column with a gas spring to make height adjustments easy.

  • A single button releases the gas spring for easy height adjustment. Release the button to lock it at any height.

  • The column has been indexed for easy recording of positions between clients and sessions.

Versatile in every setting – a system built on two bases

  • Indoors: Better than ever. Our standard base, with improved casters and features, provides exceptional functionality and support. It is designed to be used on smooth surfaces.

  • Indoors or out, our standard base takes your clients where they need to go. 

  • Who says therapy can only happen indoors? Bring your gait training outdoors or in with our utility base featuring large, rugged wheels and greater base width for better mobility on rough surfaces.

    The utility base is not recommended for use in the posterior (reverse) position.

Quick and easy positioning

  • The Multi-position saddle (MPS) is the ultimate positioning accessory for easy transfers and gait training.

    The MPS hip corral quickly provides the pelvic stability needed for upper and lower body mobility. Additionally, the MPS has five adjustments for quick and easy pelvic positioning.

    The MPS can be used for anterior and posterior gait training.

  • The MPS easily attaches to both the dynamic and standard upper frames.

  • Posterior Position: Even in the reverse position the Pacer offers all the supports your client needs, and it’s a great solution for those who walk better with open access to the environment. Additionally, this posterior positioning is a natural progression towards independent movement.

    Prompts and supports can be reversed and moved along the top bar of the frame to whichever position best matches your client’s needs.

Smoother transfers

  • The MPS makes transfers, especially for heavy clients, so much easier (and safer). By placing the upper frame and MPS in their lowest positions you can ease your seated clients onto the saddle.

  • Once the transfer is completed, caregivers can easily raise the client into an upright position for gait training.

  • Using the height adjustment on the MPS, caregivers can raise the client’s pelvis to the optimal height for weight-bearing and step-taking.

  • With the tilt adjustment on the MPS, caregivers can quickly position the client’s pelvis into anterior or posterior tilt for the most effective gait pattern.

A measurable improvement

  • No more counting tiles! Now available on every Pacer base as an option, Rifton’s new odometer makes it easy to record client progress in any setting, in either feet or meters.

  • A close-up view of the front caster with optional odometer.

Infinite control for effective movement

  • The Pacer casters’ five functions let you fine tune the Pacer’s movement as your clients gain control.

    Variable drag: Made with the same material used in automotive brakes, our variable drag feature gives you greater control with the simple twist of a dial.

  • Swivel lock: Each caster’s swivel can be locked independently. Lock all four to help clients walk in a straight line, or just the two rear casters to eliminate drifting sideways. Release swivel locks on all casters for movement in any direction.

    Direction lock: Prevent involuntary backward movement with the one-way directional lock featured on each caster.

  • Utility base front caster

  • Utility base rear wheel

    Foot-operated brakes make it easy to lock the wheels for transfer.

Old Pacer prompts attach on new frame

  • Prompts and supports – such as the new arm supports and old chest support – attach anywhere along the Pacer frame’s top bars.

  • As with the old Pacer, prompts are easily removed when a client no longer needs them. 

  • This feature also allows the Pacer to be easily adapted to multiple clients’ needs in a school or institution.

Easily transportable

  • Our detachable upper frame makes it easy to stow and transport the Pacer. Separable components allow you to bring the right base for each client and every setting.

  • The upper frame can be easily detached from any base by pressing the button and pulling out the column stem. The two parts of the frame can be stowed in a trunk.

  • The dynamic upper frame can easily fit into your trunk.

  • Standard base frame ready to go into your trunk.


  • Makers of high-quality bicycles believe in the long-term benefits of baked-on powder coating because it is formulated to stand up to wind and weather. So do we.

    Our Pacer gait trainer is available in your choice of 5 colors: blue, red, lime, pink and gray.

    The Pacer in blue.

  • The Pacer in red.

  • The Pacer in lime.

  • The Pacer in pink.

  • The Pacer in gray.