Rifton Equipment Testimonial


Rifton’s Size 1 Stander and the Benefits of Complex Rehab Equipment

A mother discusses the critical role adaptive equipment plays in her daughter’s life.

Hi, my name is Amelia Braden. Our family lives in Kingston, New York. This is my daughter, Emersyn Braden, and she was diagnosed at five months old with pachygyria. We have a son, Beckett, who is six, and we like to do a lot of things together as a family. Her favorite things to do are take walks, play on the swings, cook together. And we try to include Emmy with as many everyday activities as we can.

Pacer Gait Trainer

So we’ve been using the Rifton Pacer with Emmy for two years now; and it allows us to go outside, push her around, take a walk. And she really enjoys being at the same level as us. And we try to imitate the walking motion to help her get stronger, put some weight on her hips.


We really like the Rifton Stander. When we’re in the kitchen together, we can bring her over to the table.

Adaptive Tricycle

We also really love the Rifton Trike, and that’s a newer thing that we’ve used with her. And it’s nice that she can use her legs in a motion that she’s never used before, and try to chase her brother who she loves and just wants to do everything with.

I advocate for CRT (Complex Rehabilitation Technology) for Emmy and for other kids who have similar disabilities, so that they can be included in everyday family activities—that if we didn’t have this equipment,

they may not be able to be. Our main goal in life is for Emmy to be able to do as many things as she’s able to, and get her a little stronger while doing it, and give her a better life every day.

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