The gait trainer that lifts


Use the slides below to read details on the function of each E-Pacer component.

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  • The optional scale can measure the weight a client is bearing on their feet during gait training to track their progress. It can also be used to weigh a client during a transfer.

  • If the scale is paired with a tablet or phone via Bluetooth, the Gait Tracker App can track the client’s weight bearing progress. Available for Android or iOS devices.

    Watch the Gait Tracker App video to learn more.

  • The smartphone can then be attached to the E-Pacer’s handhold using a smartphone bike handlebar mount, allowing the client to see their progress while the caregiver views the scale monitor.


  • The odometer makes it easy to record how far your client walks, in feet or meters.

  • The odometer looks simple but is highly versatile.

    To reset display to 0, press the reset button. To display total lifetime distance traveled, press and hold button for 1 second. Lifetime distance will be displayed in kilometers or thousands of feet, depending on unit setting. To switch between feet or meters, press and hold button until units change (approximately 10 seconds).

Front handle

  • The front handle allows a caregiver to maneuver and guide the E-Pacer. It includes an up/down switch which adjusts the height of the body support.

  • The front handle makes it easy to maneuver a client during a seated transfer.

Switch pole

  • The switch pole lets a caregiver operate the electric lift without bending down (when not using the front handle).

  • The switch pole can also be turned around to give the client control of the lift.

Arm prompts

  • Versatile arm prompts include height, rotation, angle, lateral proximity and forward/backward adjustments, to accommodate numerous positioning requirements.

    Padded surface area: small: 4½" x 7" large: 5" x 8½"
    Range of adjustment (elbow to fist):
    small: 8"–12½" large: 10½"–16"

  • In their forward position, the arm prompts encourage a forward leaning posture; further back, they promote upright posture.

Arm platforms

  • Arm platforms offer a simple alternative for clients who need less arm positioning. They attach to our adjustable arm prompt base and are made of integral skin foam for padded comfort and easy cleaning. Arm platforms are available with or without handgrips.

    Padded surface dimensions: 13½"x 5½"

  • Arm platforms with handgrips

  • Arm platforms in use

Hip positioner

  • The hip positioner is designed to encourage good positioning for gait training. It enables natural pelvic movement and lower extremity weight-shifting, and provides good abduction.

  • A hip positioner pad is available for extra comfort.

Pelvic support

  • Available in three sizes, the pelvic support is used for sit-to-stand transfers and gait training. It can also be used for fall prevention, making it suitable for early mobility in recovery.

  • The pelvic support may fit the client best when the straps are crossed as shown in the photo.

  • Key user dimension: (indicated by the u-shaped arrow in the photograph)

    Half of thigh circumference:
    Small: 6" - 10"
    Medium: 8" - 14"
    Large: 10" - 18"

Thigh straps

  • Thigh straps are used for seated transfers. They are machine washable and are available in wide and narrow versions.

    Width: narrow 5", wide 7"

  • Thigh straps being used for a seated transfer

Ankle prompts

  • Ankle prompts attach to the bottom bar of the E-Pacer frame and have padded straps that can be adjusted to prevent scissoring.

  • Movable clips on the ankle prompt bar regulate stride length and placement.

Additional battery

  • An additional battery may be needed in settings where frequent transfers are being made each day. A fully charged battery should deliver approximately 70 complete lift cycles depending on user weight.