Support Station

Provides increased confidence and dignity


Use the slides below to learn more about the components of the Support Station.

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Support strap

  • The support strap provides additional security while the user is upright in the ideal position for hygiene care. It is clipped on the trunk board through a hand slot and helps maintain the user's position while upright.

  • The support strap being used on the Support Station.


  • During transfer the user’s knee position is secure within the supportive curves of the padded kneeboard providing leverage for the user during transfer. (Available with fixed configuration only.)

  • The kneeboard being used on the Support Station.

  • Remove the kneeboard by pulling out four quick-release pins. This converts the Support Station from a fixed to a pivot configuration.


  • The optional handholds on the padded trunk board enable the user to assist during transfers out of a wheelchair.

  • The handholds being used on the Support Station.

  • The slots in the trunk board also enable the user to assist in a transfer.