ICF: Paving the way to a Special Education Inclusion Classroom

Participation is the key to health and well-being. This webinar introduces the International Classification of Function (ICF) and its application to school practice. It also explores the role of the school-based therapist and the alignment of the language of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to the ICF. For a complete transcript of this webinar, see transcript of ICF in Practice Webinar.

Rifton  ICF Paving the way to a Special Education Inclusion Classroom

The (ICF) is a framework that addresses health in the context of what a person wants to be able to do while identifying the multiple factors that impact their participation and inclusion in the classroom. The viewer will come away with an understanding that intervention in schools can take a variety of forms and needs to be directed at the whole student; addressing only the student’s physical impairments may not lead to the outcomes the student and the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team desire. Finally, the webinar highlights the importance of facilitating student participation in their educational programs and recognizing the importance of environmental adaptation through the use of adaptive equipment.

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