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Carmen Hinkey | November 2012

A screenshot of a special needs mommy blog website, By God’s Grace featuring images and stories about GraceProviding quality products to those who need them seems to get more and more complex: codes, coverage, LOMNs, and prescriptions are only some of the details that consume so much of our time. So it is a rare treat to spend some time reading about the children and families who use our equipment. I’ve discovered several blogs—known affectionately as “mommy-blogs”—where the real advocacy happens and mommies write about their beautiful children and what these children bring to them and, by extension, to all of us involved in this work.

Here’s a boy whose issues are so complex I can’t begin to understand them, but his family loves him so much, and writes so beautifully about the challenges they face, that I’m touched every time I read a new post.

And here’s another blog, about Max, who went through Hurricane Sandy with his mother, a true test of bravery.

My last pick is Annabel Grace, one gorgeous girl, who has just carved her pumpkin in school.  Oh my. Hers is a story with a capital S.

For a mother of a child with special needs, fighting for the right equipment and negotiating the world of insurance and funding adaptive equipment becomes labyrinthine pretty fast, and overwhelming too, but I can only imagine the support that parents receive from reading and connecting with others who deal with the same day-to-day issues that they do.

If you know of similar blogs please post their links here.

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