Rifton TRAM Funding Guide

Tips for Successful Reimbursement

Elena Noble, MPT | November 2017

A glamour shot of the Rifton TRAM as it is seen in the crt fundin guide.As every clinician knows, when applying for funding for a complex rehab technology (CRT) device, detailed and thorough documentation of medical necessity is critical. As the Rifton TRAM combines a patient transfer system, a sit-to-stand device and a gait trainer in one compact unit, this places it in a unique position for funding.

To help you clear the hurdles associated with DME funding, we’ve prepared a workbook to provide clinicians, suppliers and consumers guidance on how to evaluate a client’s medical needs, configure the TRAM accordingly and make the case for medical necessity so that your application for funding is successful. 

Download the Rifton TRAM Funding Guide

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