Five Fabulous Features of the New Pacer Caster

What you need to know for clinical justification

Lori Potts, PT | July 2017

While redesigning the Pacer we took the opportunity not only to improve the existing functions, but to add an odometer to encourage data collection and record progress. For gait training, there’s nothing else like our caster.

These are the five key functions on the new caster:

          1. Brake
          2. Swivel lock
          3. One-way ratchet control
          4. Variable drag
          5. An optional odometer

Where these features appear depends on your choice of base.

                            Standard Base and Treadmill Base Caster (both sides)
dynamic pacer caster features    new pacer caster features


          Utility Base Front Wheel                                      Utility Base Back Wheel
rifton pacer caster features   rifton pacer wheel feature



Function: Fully locks the Pacer wheel.

Clinical application:

  • Lock for transfers into Pacer. The utility base has the brakes on the rear wheels.
  • Locking all four wheels allows your client to practice standing and weight-bearing.

Swivel Lock (foot-actuated)

Function: Positions and maintains the wheel in a straight line (no lateral movement).

Clinical application:

  • Lock all four swivels to help clients walk in a straight line, particularly for clients who have difficulty controlling lateral movement.
  • For better steering control (which will vary by client), unlock swivels front or back.

One-way ratchet control

Function: Positions wheel to move in one direction only (blocks involuntary backwards movement)

Clinical application:

  • Set this control for a client who has difficulty maintaining forward momentum during gait. For improved effect use this feature in conjunction with swivel lock.

Variable drag

Function: Creates resistance on the wheel.

Clinical application:

  • Slow down fast, uncontrolled gait by increasing drag.
  • Increasing drag can also strengthen muscles during gait.
  • For clients who tend to veer to one side during gait, set the drag on the opposing posterior caster.
rifton pacer caster odometer feature


Function: Record client progress in feet or meters (selected at the time of purchase).

Clinical application:

  • Great objective data on distance and progress.
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