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Using Rifton’s New Multi-Positioning Saddle for Easy Transfers into the Gait Trainer

February 07, 2017 by Lori Potts, PT

The Rifton Pacer’s Multi-Positioning Saddle (MPS), in addition to providing weight-bearing support and excellent positioning for the pelvis, greatly simplifies transfer into the gait trainer. Here are the steps for a streamlined and safe transfer from a wheelchair into the Pacer. It is best performed with two caregivers.

Preparing the Gait Trainer for a Transfer

  1. Lock the caster brakes.
  2. Undo arm prompt, thigh prompt and ankle prompt straps.
  3. Open the back of the chest prompt.


safe transfer wheelchairTransfer Using the MPS

  1. Adjust gait trainer frame height to its lowest position.
  2. Lower the MPS so the seat is level with the wheelchair seat. For easiest access, add a slight posterior tilt to the MPS.
  3. Move the wheelchair close to the Pacer and slide the client onto the MPS with a simple two-person transfer.
  4. Secure the MPS hip corral.
  5. gait trainer transferRaise the Pacer upper frame to the appropriate height. One caregiver operates the gas-assist lifting column and the other supports by lifting on the frame from the back.
  6. Once the client is in the standing position, fasten the chest prompt, secure forearms in the arm prompts, fasten straps of the thigh prompts and ankle prompts and finalize the adjustments on the MPS.multi positioning saddle transfer
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Emily | January 29, 2018
Videos of a one person transfer into the pacer with mps would be very helpful.
Elena | January 29, 2018
Hi Emily, With transferring into the Pacer with the mps, we do recommend a two-person assist. One person to operate the Pacer's lift mechanism and the other to help lift from behind. The Pacer lift column has a 30lb assist, but for larger patients, additional therapist assistance is required in the transfer.