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Adaptive Tricycle Funding Resources

October 20, 2016 by Elena Noble, MPT

A caregiver uses the guide bar to help guide a young child with special needs as she joyfully rides her adaptive tricycle in the sunny outdoorsA bike is the quintessence of childhood happiness. But for a child with disabilities, we think it’s a medical necessity. Beyond the joy and exhilaration of free-wheeling movement, the opportunity for reciprocal lower extremity exercise is crucial to the well-being of someone with fragile health. While the therapy community is unanimous on this point, sadly medical insurance companies underestimate (or even deny) the therapeutic value of an adaptive tricycle and typically refuse to cover them.

Thankfully there are organizations that recognize the therapeutic benefits of supported cycling and are committed to providing funding for adaptive tricycles to the kids and families who need them. Here are the ones we know:

(List updated May 2023)

Connecticut, Rhode Island and Florida

  • Save the Kid – Provides resources to children and young adults with disabilities up to age 22 in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Florida

Illinois and Wisconsin

  • The Trike Project – Funds tricycles on a case-by-case basis for children in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin
  • Variety of Illinois – “Build-a-Bike” program funds adaptive tricycles in Illinois





  • Wheels Across Montana – Program sponsoring 20 adaptive tricycles across five cities. These special trikes are maintained by the towns and loaned out for up to 30 days at a time to individuals with disabilities.

New York

  • Dake Foundation for Children – Funding support for families and caretakers of children (under 21) with disabilities within an 80-mile radius of Saratoga Spring, NY

Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California

  • Wheel to Walk – Funding for tricycles for children 20 and younger in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California

Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio


  • Believe It Foundation – Provides adaptive bikes to local schools and other organizations in San Antonio, TX

Let us know if there are other groups we should list.

For organizations that provide funding for other types of adaptive equipment check our expanded funding resources listing.

Additionally, download this great primer on how to get Medicaid coverage for an adaptive tricycle.

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Chryssy | October 25, 2016

McLindon Family Foundation funds bicycles in full!

Elena | October 26, 2016
Thank you! I've put it on the list.
Saterial | November 01, 2016

I seen you all’s website and my son has disabilities. I would love for him to have a bike to work his muscles. He has low muscle tone, Chromosome Deletion 16, learning delays, speech delays and he has one kidney.