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Adding a Communication Tray to the Activity Chair

May 02, 2016 by Elena Noble, MPT

A therapist mounting the communication tray on a Rifton Activity Chair for viewing a deviceFor those who would like to use a communication device while in the Rifton Activity Chair, here is a creative solution from a school-based therapist.

1. Replace an armrest on the Activity Chair with the metal forearm prompt base (without the arm prompts attached).

2. Attach the clamp that comes with the Dynamic Pacer communication tray to the forearm prompt base.

3. Insert the communication tray post into the clamp and adjust the location and angle of the tray for your client.

The Rifton Activity Chair shown with the communication tray attached for viewing devices Back to Top

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Maureen Cook | February 09, 2017
Hi, Will this communication tray work with an eye gaze communication device? Can I change the angle of the tray so that the device is held in vertical? Thanks!
elena | February 10, 2017

Thank you for your inquiry about an eye gaze communication attachment to our Rifton Activity chair. The communication tray only goes to a 45 degree angle, so it would not be appropriate for eye gaze.

However, here is a link to Mount n' Mover, a company that provides communication attachments to our Activity chair and would be able to help get an eye gaze in place. They do great work, but please be informed that because the attachment is done by another company, Rifton cannot take responsibility for this addition to our product.

Kim | September 22, 2023
I would like to replicate this. I’m trying to figure out what the “metal forearm prompt base” is exactly. If I remove the armrest, what do I use to slide into the armrest slot that results in the tube/frame to which you can clamp the communication tray attachment?
Elena | September 25, 2023
Hello Kim, The forearm prompt with the extended tube slides directly into the arm prompts slot. The bases are exactly the same.