It’s about People, not Products.

November 05, 2013 by Clare Stober

If you’ve visited our website in the last few days you’ve noticed that we have a new look.
I could tell you about all the new features and why we made the changes,
but it’s so intuitive, I think you’re going to find these out for yourself.

I only want to tell you about one idea that guided us during every step of the redesign:

Rifton is about people.
With our products we support an extraordinary group of people. (You know who you are.)
Take a look at the caregivers’ faces in these photos. Look at the care in their eyes.
With our new website we wanted to capture these people at their best.
We want to celebrate what they give day in and day out.
Most of all, we want to meet their needs so that they can provide the very best care.
We truly hope you’ll find the new more helpful, more responsive to your needs.

Please let us know.

An elderly woman smiles as she holds the hands of a young girl sitting in a special needs activity chair  A caregiver aids a young patient in a gait trainer in a courtyard as they smile at one another

A therapist helps a young girl with disabilities learn to use a tablet device   A man laughs and smiles with delight as a caregiver helps him transfer to a standing position

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dorinda | November 06, 2013
I'm looking to get a Rifton adaptive bike for my son I entered the last contest, however; bobbie wasn't choosen.