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The New Rifton Seating Worksheet

May 14, 2013 by Ann Kurtz

An adaptive seating worksheet showing the figure of a young man seated with references to various measurements including chest depth, seat depth and more.Rifton provides quality customer service and continually seeks ways to improve a customer’s experience when interacting with us. Recently we have improved our seating recommendation services to help you get the right size of chair the first time round. Choosing the right size of adaptive chair for a child with disabilities can be challenging; there are so many dimensions to consider. Therapists and rehab technicians often look for greater detail and specification than manufacturers provide.

To help match your client’s dimensions to the right Rifton chair for perfect fit we now offer a seating worksheet clearly showing how what to measure to match your client to the right size chair.

To request a Seating Worksheet call customer service at 1-800-571-8198 or email or

Download chair sizing worksheet for the Rifton Activity chair

As always, your feedback on this new tool is welcome. Let us know if it works for you.

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