The Presentation

December 26, 2005


Alex’s Ranger Tricycle on display at the Motorcycle Club Party.


Nannie Sue Farmer is the witch. Her brother-in-law Bob Humphrey is the scarecrow. Sue’s sister Joan was the Tin Man (but she got too hot and removed her costume.) And of course the Spider Man is Alex! Mike Speer is the guy in black that does the music.


Alex has just been told that this is his bike.


Wow, it’s a bike! Alex with Nannie and Uncle Bob.


Alex kept saying, "Do I get to take it home with me, Nannie? Do I get to take it to Ft. Worth with me, Nannie? Do I get to ride it, Nannie? I need to tell my mom."


Alex takes off on his Ranger Tricycle, his mom Susan staying right with him…


Alex and his new trike. Nannie said, “He was ready to ride and did for a long time. He loves it.”

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