How To’s Size 2 Stander Resources
Resources for the Rifton Size 2 Stander
How To’s Size 1 Stander Resources
Resources for the Rifton Size 1 Stander
Therapeutic Benefits Student Achievement in Adapted Physical Education Through Teamwork and Practice
Angela Campbell, MS, APE Specialist, discusses the role of the collaborative special education team towards helping children achieve their adapted physical education goals.
Research Essential Evidence Based Support of Gait Training
A collection of research references and essential evidence-based support for gait training.
How To’s Cleaning Rifton Equipment
All of our products are tested to withstand a 10% bleach solution. Because of this, we expect that most commercial disinfectants can be used on our equipment without harming it...
How To’s Videos for Obsolete Rifton Products
For reference, here are a few videos discussing and demonstrating Rifton products no longer in production.
Letters of Educational Necessity Tips for Writing a Letter of Educational Necessity
When you need to justify adaptive equipment acquisition in a school-based setting, by accessing funding sources administered by special education decision-makers, you may find the following resources useful...
How To’s Guidelines for Functional Use of the Pacer Gait Trainer Part II
The Pacer gait trainer is a walking device used in pediatric and adult rehabilitation settings to support individuals with disabilities for upright posture and ambulatory activities. Each Pacer component (or prompt) adjusts to accommodate various positioning needs, and is easily removed when it is no longer required.
How To’s Pacer Prompt Reduction Strategies: Examples A and B
Use only the components that the individual requires for walking posture and alignment. Every individual is unique, and therefore prompt reduction should be customized to the individual.
How To’s Support Station Instructions for the Pivot Position
Learn how to use the Support Station for the pivot position with these instructions.
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