How To’s Cleaning Rifton Equipment
All of our products are tested to withstand a 10% bleach solution. Because of this, we expect that most commercial disinfectants can be used on our equipment without harming it...
PT/OT Interprofessional Teamwork Achieves Toileting Success June 24, 2020 by Tiffany Klein, PT, Sarah Quirk, COTA, Catherine Keir, OT and Laura Arnett, PT
Here at Maiden Choice School in Baltimore County, MD, we have initiated a program called Maximizing Independence in Life Skills: A Toileting Program for Students with Complex Disabilities. Over the last four years since we began it, this program has had a huge impact on the entire student body.
Videos Support Station Demonstration
Demonstration of the Support Station, a hygiene and transfer device.
How To’s Support Station Instructions for the Fixed Position
Learn how to use the Support Station for the fixed position with these instructions.
How To’s Support Station Instructions for the Pivot Position
Learn how to use the Support Station for the pivot position with these instructions.
PT/OT Six Features To Love About the Support Station December 19, 2017 by Elena Noble, MPT
When we’re talking about activities of daily living, it doesn’t get more basic—and more personal—than toileting. But the process of toileting is also a valuable opportunity to teach transfer, standing and hygiene skills—all essential to building independence in self-care. A successful and thoroughly dignified approach to incorporating these skills into the toileting routine is...
PT/OT Implementing a New and Successful Toileting Program in the Educational Setting February 02, 2016 by Nadine Wallace, PTA, Kathryn Burgwin, PT and Jessica Burton, PT
The Day School at The Children’s Institute is an approved private school in Western PA.  We have 186 students with 27 classrooms. We provide a school program for students with multiple disabilities and for students with autism. All of our students present with severe disabilities affecting motor control, cognition and/or behavior. We have been using MOVE (Mobility Options Via Education) here at...
PT/OT The Importance of the Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Movement Today July 29, 2014 by Lori Potts, PT
Wendy Weaver, the Executive Director of the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals (ASPHP) was interviewed by Rifton's Lori Potts, PT, and spoke about the history of the Safe Patient Handling & Mobility movement. They discuss the founding of ASPHP and its important role in the healthcare sector today, carrying the Safe Patient Handling & Mobility movement forward into the future.
PT/OT Hygiene and Self Care for Your Patients September 17, 2013 by Lauri Cohen OTR/L
As an occupational therapist, one of my main goals has been to foster independence in my patients. For one, Randy, this independence centered on the area of hygiene and self-care. When I first met Randy he presented with developmental delays and underlying musculoskeletal impairments that affected his ability to move independently and perform age-appropriate transfers and functional activities. In standing...
How To’s Install the Support Station diapering and hygiene station that meets your needs
Fixed Configuration With the comfortable kneeboard in place for leverage, the client using this changing station can remain in an upright, forward-leaning position for convenient clothing adjustment, hygiene care, transfer to a rolling commode or shower chair or simply for diaper changing. The client's torso rests...
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