Webinars Get Active, Get Ahead
Lori Potts, PT shares inspirations and ideas towards creating inclusive environments and effective functional fitness initiatives for children in adaptive equipment, to promote better health and quality of life.
PT/OT Physical Activity Disability and Health November 30, 2020 by Elena Noble, MPT
Creative mobility initiatives and activity-based strategies can improve health and foster inclusion for children with disabilities.
How To’s Cleaning Rifton Equipment
All of our products are tested to withstand a 10% bleach solution. Because of this, we expect that most commercial disinfectants can be used on our equipment without harming it...
Tips & Advice Beyond the Stander May 28, 2020 by Elena Noble, MPT
Encouraging standing development means thinking creatively. In the home, we can teach standing skills during routine sit-to-stand transfers or toileting breaks. Here’s how to get started.
Videos Mobile Stander Demo
Lori Potts, PT demonstrates the features of the Mobile Stander and discusses strategies to promote effective standing. Watch Lori demonstrate the Supine Stander and Prone Stander. Video Transcript   This is our Mobile Stander. It actually sells as a standalone product. The large wheels are added as an accessory. What you see here is the Mini and you’ll notice that the footboard is higher off of...
Webinars Standers – What does the research say?
This 30-minute webinar gives an overview of current research on the topic of standing and adaptive standers as well as specific tips for therapeutic and functional use of Rifton standers.
PT/OT New Webinar on Standers January 22, 2018 by Lori Potts, PT
Last week, Rifton offered the first in a series of webinars. Standers: What does the research say? Watch the recording below to learn interesting research findings on tone, ROM, bone mineral density, and hip stability. Packed into 30 minutes, this webinar includes interesting research findings on muscle tone and range of motion, bone mineral density, and the issue of hip displacement for children with...
Stories No Way Jose! March 14, 2017 by Rachel Mercer, Sales Rep
“Jose! Jose! No way Jose!"  Lined up on the playground, 500 elementary students chanted their support for Jose as he propelled his very own Rifton mobile stander across the platform at Mayflower Elementary. Then down the long ramp he went to the playground surrounded quickly by his friends, family, the Monrovia mayor, police officers and firemen (and many cameras). What a day! A bright and...
PT/OT Giving the Gift of Mobility April 25, 2016 by Denise Swensen, PT, DPT
Typically developing children reach most motor milestones in a fairly predictable manner. By six months babies are rolling; by eight months they are creeping on all fours and sitting on their own and by ten-twelve months they are standing and getting ready to take their first steps. During this part of the first year of life, typically developing babies are exploring their environment, interacting with...
PT/OT Winning the Funding Battle for Standing Devices March 24, 2016 by Melissa K. Tally, PT, MPT, ATP and Erin M. Pope, PT, MPT, ATP
For all of us, standing is an integral part of the developmental sequence. And particularly for people with motor impairments and physical disabilities it is one of the key building blocks that leads to exploratory mobility. (Bower, E.) A child who is unable to stand may be missing out on developmental learning and interaction with the environment. We know the many benefits of standing as well: improved...
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