PT/OT Adaptive Tricycles in Schools September 29, 2022 by Elena Noble, MPT
For a child with a disability such as cerebral palsy, the primary goal for the school-based therapist is to improve access to education.
Webinars Get Active, Get Ahead
Lori Potts, PT shares inspirations and ideas towards creating inclusive environments and effective functional fitness initiatives for children in adaptive equipment, to promote better health and quality of life.
PT/OT Physical Activity Disability and Health November 30, 2020 by Elena Noble, MPT
Creative mobility initiatives and activity-based strategies can improve health and foster inclusion for children with disabilities.
How To’s Cleaning Rifton Equipment
All of our products are tested to withstand a 10% bleach solution. Because of this, we expect that most commercial disinfectants can be used on our equipment without harming it...
News The Great Bike Giveaway February 06, 2018 by Lori Potts, PT
With spring in the air we’re talking bikes today – or rather, adaptive tricycles. Kids with disabilities want to ride just as much as any child, and with a little bit of extra support they too can navigate those inviting sidewalks. Sadly, adaptive trikes are far too rarely covered by Medicaid or insurance, even with a strong case for the therapeutic benefits of cycling...
PT/OT Busting that Persistent Myth about Adaptive Bikes and Recreation July 18, 2017 by Codi Andersen, DPT
I love the adaptive tricycle and the opportunities it affords many of my students. But how often have insurance companies denied requests for adaptive tricycles because they only see the recreational purpose? For my students with the most severe disabilities, the tricycle is a life-saver, and often the only piece of adaptive equipment that will help them achieve functional gains and participation. I&rsquo...
Tips & Advice Spring Trike Tune-Up March 28, 2017
With spring in the air, it’s time to bring out those tricycles and hit the sidewalks. But first, some yearly maintenance may be in order. Use these quick and simple Rifton tricycle tune-up guidelines to get your adaptive bike into top condition for a summer of fun. Download Trike Tune-Up pdf View in Spanish
Stories Biking, Love and a Brother with Disabilities November 28, 2016 by Clare Stober
I’m not normally one to get excited over a commercial masquerading as a feel-good documentary, but here’s one that might just make you feel a bit better about life. It comes from Schwinn, the bike manufacturer. Stay with me for the beginning and watch for the transition around the 2-minute mark. (Spoiler alert: Rifton makes a cameo!)           ...
Tips & Advice Adaptive Tricycle Funding Resources October 20, 2016 by Elena Noble, MPT
A bike is the quintessence of childhood happiness. But for a child with disabilities, we think it’s a medical necessity. Beyond the joy and exhilaration of free-wheeling movement, the opportunity for reciprocal lower extremity exercise is crucial to the well-being of someone with fragile health. While the therapy community is unanimous on this point, sadly medical insurance companies underestimate...
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