Pacer Treadmill Base Demo

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Lori Potts, PT demonstrates how the Pacer can be used over a treadmill with the innovative treadmill base.

Video Transcript


This is Rifton’s treadmill base and would be used over a treadmill that is set up in a clinic or home. The idea here is that we first establish the optimal settings for a particular child and then approach the treadmill walking. When the child is about ready to step up onto the treadmill we have a height adjust here that would allow us to enable them to take that step up onto the treadmill.

All the configuration remains the same relative to their height. We can then set the brakes and begin walking practice over the treadmill itself. This treadmill base can actually simply live here as part of the treadmill set up, and this upper frame can be optionally placed as needed every time you used the treadmill with that particular child.

So you can see the repetitive step taking opportunity provided with the treadmill option for early learning; early progressive gait training.

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