Getting to Know the MPS Adjustments

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The Multi-Position Saddle (MPS) is the ultimate positioning accessory for seated transfers and gait training. This short video demonstrates the five separate adjustments to the MPS that allow you to accommodate each client’s posture.

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Transcript of Video

The MPS is the Multi-Position Saddle, a new accessory from Rifton that is now an option with the Dynamic Pacer. The handle under the saddle enables independent height adjustment, separate from the height adjustment of the frame. The lower position allows for easier transfer into the device.

The white button on top of the handle is for angle adjustment. It provides up to 15° of anterior tilt and  15° posterior, with increments in between.

The white button under the seat is for forward and backward positioning and allows you to change the pelvis position relative to the trunk and shoulder girdle which can make a big difference in alignment and success of gait.

The hip corral has a white button in front which allows you to increase the depth of hip corral, to accommodate various sizes of individuals, with a range of 3 inches.

The white button above this allows you to adjust the height of the hip corral in a range of 3 inches, allowing for a snug fit to provide the right support at the front of the pelvis.