How To’s

Install the Support Station diapering and hygiene station that meets your needs

Fixed Configuration

Fixed Design is white with blue padding and a kneeboard.

With the comfortable kneeboard in place for leverage, the client using this changing station can remain in an upright, forward-leaning position for convenient clothing adjustment, hygiene care, transfer to a rolling commode or shower chair or simply for diaper changing.

The client's torso rests comfortably on the padded trunk board, with only as much weight-bearing through the legs as the user can comfortably tolerate. Even non-weight-bearing adults have experienced success in using this type of changing table.

Pivot Configuration

The pivot design consists of a white trunk board with blue padding, but no kneeboard, enabling a pivot transfer to a toilet or commode.

When installed without the kneeboard, the Support Station can be pivoted to aid transfers from a wheelchair to a fixed toilet or commode. In the horizontal position, the padded trunk board can pivot 180°, enabling the client to safely move his or her feet in an arc - often independently - and comfortably transfer to the toilet. Located conveniently at the top of the white slotted trunk board, the lever controlling rotation can be operated by either caregiver or client. See important installation information (pdf).

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