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Toileting revolutionized

Here is a NEW IDEA that revolutionizes toileting care for people with disabilities. The upright Support Station is a new concept from Rifton, enabling needs to be met with ease, and promoting dignity for the individual.

Toileting care for large adults who have disabilities can be a thankless and unpleasant task, usually performed on an adult changing table, and often resulting in back injury for the care provider. The Rifton Support Station provides a unique and innovative solution to this prevalent problem.

Many adolescents and adults have the capacity to use a toilet, but cannot be transferred to it without a lot of time and effort. As a result, these individuals are diapered and have their toileting needs provided for while in bed, on an adult changing table or mat, or even on the floor.

Fixed design of adult changing tableWith our new Support Station, the client now has an adult size changing table that is upright. The client participates in the transfer using their arms and hands on the padded Trunk Board. The comfortable Kneeboard helps stabilize the person being transitioned to standing. Once upright, the client can receive assistance with clothing adjustment or diaper change. The optional Support Strap can be used for additional security during care.

The comfortable curve of the height-adjustable trunk board is placed at waist level. Clients assist in the transfer out of their wheelchair using the elbow curves, hand slots, or optional handholds. With the trunk board in the horizontal position, the client’s torso rests comfortably during care; minimal weight-bearing occurs through the legs.

Two configurations of this product are available:

  1. Fixed configuration as a stand-alone unit:
    The padded Trunk Board with the Kneeboard enables assist-to-stand for clothing adjustment and diapering care. The client may remain in the upright position while a diaper or brief is changed, or may return to a sitting position on a rolling commode, or onto a shower chair.
  2. Pivot configuration as a transfer aid to a stationary toilet:
    Without the Kneeboard, the padded Trunk Board can pivot 180º. Installed near a standard toilet, the client uses the Support Station to assist in getting to an upright position from a wheelchair, resting their torso on the Trunk Board. Then, by moving their feet, the client can pivot to a position close to the toilet, and sit down. With the Pivot configuration, more independence with toilet transfer is made possible.

Pivot Design of Adult Changing Table
So what’s the big idea? The big idea is this…

At last, for adults with disabilities:
A very convenient diaper changing station and/or toilet transfer aid!

  • Diaper and brief changes occur in a standing position, rather than in bed, on a mat table, or on the floor. Clients are no longer diapered and changed like a baby.
  • Transfer of clients with their full or partial participation, encourages dignity and self-esteem.
  • Through scheduled toileting opportunities, clients may learn to use a commode or toilet rather than wetting or soiling diapers.
  • With regular use of the Support Station, clients can gain strength and weight-bearing ability. With the Fixed configuration, a more upright angle of the padded Trunk Board can encourage increased weight bearing and further independence.
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