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The Anchor family of grab bars

Rifton has expanded the Arm Anchor concept to a family of Anchors!

Imagine work and play activities made a whole lot easier for a child or young adult by simply stabilizing one of their arms! With Rifton’s new family of sturdy, portable Anchors, this concept is in your reach. The Anchor Family - portable suction cup grab bars for people with disabilities.

Arm Anchor - forearm stabilizer, with straps around forearm and wrist, and a handgrip. It can be adjusted lengthwise and the handgrip rotates to any needed position of the hand.


Hand Anchor - portable, ergonomically shaped handhold to facilitate and maintain grip. A vertical grab bar with a suction cup grip.


Wrist Anchor - Hand Anchor with additional wrist pad and strap to comfortably retain the hand in place.


Elbow Anchor - frees wrist and hand for functional activity, while the forearm rests on a padded surface. A comfortable strap secures the elbow in place.


Horizontal Anchor - portable grab bar for users who can grasp more easily with their forearm pronated. Portable and positionable.


Grab Bar - a horizontal grab bar bar with two suction cups that can be attached on a clean, flat, smooth surface to assist functional activities.


Attach an Anchor to a flat surface such as a table or tray, and use it to stabilize one arm. A pair of Anchors can be used to stabilize both arms.

By providing an anchor point, upper extremity tonus can be decreased. For an individual with more high tone in one arm, the grab bar can position this arm forward and stabilize it, instead of the arm pulling back into a “high guard” position. This positioning allows the user to do activities and perform tasks more easily with the other arm and hand.

Users with low tone can also benefit from use of an Anchor. Anchors can help support the arms and shoulder girdle of the user and promote a functional sitting position. Regular use of an Anchor (or a pair of Anchors) can help increase head and upper trunk strength and control.

The stability provided by these grab bars allows increased functional use of the hand and arm that is free, whether the user is sitting or in supported standing. Work, play and practice of self-supporting skills are made easier with an Anchor. The Anchor promotes inclusion and social development for the user.

Anchors are portable and sturdy, but not heavy. They fasten (and unfasten) simply and quickly onto a smooth, clean surface and are easily re-positioned for the best placement. Once the optimal location is selected, the grab bar stays firmly in place, attached with the industrial-strength suction cup.

Secured to a flat surface of furniture, a wheelchair tray, or a stander tray, Anchors can facilitate activities in the classroom, at a sheltered workshop, or at home. Anchors are short-term positioning aids and are not intended for primary standing support or transfers.

These anchors provide a secure, temporary support, and are impervious to hard, constant use. The industrial-strength, 4⅝" diameter suction cups, when attached to a smooth surface, do not slip or shift. Anchors are built of our strongest plastic: you’ll be getting your money’s worth for a long time to come!

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