Compass Chair

Made for your classroom


Use the slides below to learn more about the features of the Compass Chair.

Extreme Durability

  • Children with vestibular or tactile hyposensitivity may exhibit movement-seeking or sensory-seeking behavior. The Compass Chair is designed and tested to withstand continuous rocking movements.

Lateral Support

  • Children with autism-spectrum disorder can benefit from gentle boundaries for emotional and sensory security. The raised sides of the seat together with the armrests provide reassuring physical borders for relaxed sitting.


  • Shorten the rear legs to add more recline, and assist a child to slide to the back of the seat with a gravity-assisted cue to remain seated in the chair. Shorten the front legs to add a forward tilt to contribute to postural control, access to a table or desk, and a more attentive, focused sitting position.


  • High armrests provide upper body support and aid in transfer.

Height-adjustable legs

  • The legs allow the seat height to be fine-tuned for optimal positioning. Front and rear legs adjust separately.