Three powerful functions in one device


Use the slides below to learn more about the features and multiple functions of the TRAM patient transfer device.

Body support system

  • The TRAM features an innovative support system that secures the client using two back belts with safety buckles. This enables the caregiver to prepare the client quickly for a safe transfer. Unlike other transfer devices, the TRAM has no slings and requires little or no preparation to transfer clients.

Optional scale

  • The TRAM’s optional scale allows the caregiver to weigh a client easily during transfer, as well as to measure weight-bearing capability and progress, during supported ambulation.

    Note: Purchasers must decide on the scale option at the time of purchase.

Built-in up & down switch

  • Raise and lower the TRAM using the single button built into the right steering handle. When the TRAM is being used as a sit-to-stand device, the caregiver can pull back on the handle to help raise the patient.

Telescoping lift column

  • The carefully engineered telescoping lift column gives the TRAM its low profile, providing clients with the security and dignity of unobstructed eye contact with their caregivers and surroundings. The TRAM can be raised high enough to support a 6'4" walking client and then retract down to 43½" for compact storage.

Expanding legs

  • Compact and low-profile, the TRAM can pass through a 28" doorway with ease. Transfer in and out of wider wheelchairs by rotating the leg expander. Lockable front casters make the TRAM a mobile yet secure piece of patient transfer equipment.

Color-coded clips

  • Caregivers can quickly hook the metal rings into one of the TRAM’s four color-coded clips. The clips have been color-coded for positive identification in written protocols.

Low-base option

  • With a 3" caster and lower frame base, the low-base TRAM does everything the standard Rifton TRAM does, plus it slides under beds with as low as 4¼" clearance. This option was designed for care environments where hospital bed floor clearance would hinder use of the standard TRAM.

  • The standard TRAM caster as compared to the low-base TRAM caster.