Rifton’s HTS and Blue Wave Toileting System: A Comparison

Erna Albertz | May 2014

Some of our customers who are familiar with our old Blue Wave toileting system have asked how our new Rifton HTS (Hygiene and Toileting System) compares. Here’s what our staff therapists say:

The new Rifton HTS with a child seated in it positioned over a stationary toilet showing an adaptive toilet comparison to the old Rifton Blue Wave Toileting SystemComparing Mounting and Positioning Features

The Rifton HTS can be placed farther back on the toilet than the Blue Wave. If the Rifton HTS is mounted on a wheeled base, the base can be positioned farther back over the toilet than the old Blue Wave system. This assures that there is no leakage between the adaptive toilet seat and the toilet itself.

The new Rifton HTS offers much easier seat adjustability in depth and height. It also has a base with a tilt-in-space option, great for showering (tilted backward) or sit-to-stand transfers (tilted forward).

On the old Blue Wave the footrest did not flip up; on the new Rifton HTS it does, plus it is also sturdy enough to be used as a step for transfer.

The new Rifton HTS attached to a stationary toilet as an example of adaptive toileting features the old Rifton Blue Wave Toileting System lacked.There are four base options that the Rifton HTS can be mounted on, in addition to two types of mounting bars to mount the HTS onto the toilet. There are also two optional accessory bases: the tub base which fits in most standard-size tubs, and the portability base which is an easily collapsible frame for temporary use during travel. The portability base comes in a carry-bag which the seat, back and armrests also fit into.

Comparing Optional Accessories

The new Rifton Hygiene Toileting System showing features and accessories that the old system lackedThe new HTS now offers a butterfly harness, hip guides, a padded abductor and other optional accessories.

The mesh backrest of the old Blue Wave system is replaced by optional, removable seat and back padding for easier cleaning and greater comfort. One seat pad option has an opening toward the back to enable hygiene care while the user is seated. In addition, we have a newly designed “splash guard” deflector that maximizes protection. It was designed particularly for boys but it can be used for girls as well if the parent/therapist/caregiver feels it will address a need.

The old Blue Wave toileting system did not have a specific headrest while the new Rifton HTS does. The old Blue Wave had a very small anterior support tray; on the new Rifton HTS the anterior tray is padded and much larger.

The Rifton Hygiene and Toileting System showing upgraded armrests and and laterals in comparison to the old Blue Wave Toileting System. We also heard from some users with low muscle tone that they had trouble with the armrests of the old Blue Wave system where their arms would slide off the armrest toward the back of the chair. To address this, the armrests on the new Rifton HTS are now positioned so that it is unlikely for the child’s arms to slip between the armrests and the backrest, and even more unlikely if the new lateral supports are used. The new lateral supports are independently adjustable vertically and horizontally, similar to the laterals on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Additionally, there are other new optional accessories available with the Rifton HTS to keep the user’s feet correctly positioned on the footboard.

Check out the Rifton HTS and get more information on specific accessories and features. Please contact us at 800.571.8198 if you have questions about anything we haven’t mentioned here.

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