Coming Soon: A Solution to the Toileting Challenge

Clare Stober | January 2014

A therapist uses special needs toileting equipment to provide hygiene care for a patient.Toileting has long presented major challenges to people with disabilities—and the people who care for them. In just a few weeks, Rifton will unveil a toileting system that resolves most, if not all, of these challenges.

Among other benefits, the new Rifton HTS brings functional positioning on the toilet within reach, even for children with the most severe disabilities. This is key to both better toileting and better health: according to research, comfort and stability on the toilet can help people with disabilities achieve continence and associated improvements in digestive function.  

The Rifton HTS carries benefits for caregivers as well. Mobile and versatile, the same chair can be used for toileting, showering and hair washing. Transfers to and from the Rifton HTS are simple, with removable armrests, weight-bearing (or flip-away) footboard and tilt-in-space options eliminating awkward or risky transfers. Hygiene care after toileting becomes much simpler, since the open seat pad provides access to the areas of hygiene with the client still in the seated position. As with all Rifton products, no tools are required to adjust the chair to each child’s unique size, shape and needs.

The system delivers significant cost savings as well. Not only is it priced as affordably as any toileting system available today, but it also eliminates the need to buy separate equipment for toileting and showering.

For details on the Rifton HTS, look through our introductory fact sheet and information on how you might get a quote. And watch this space for more news as it becomes available.

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