Features of Rifton’s Large Supine Stander

| January 2007

Rifton’s redesigned Large Supine Stander has many new features:

  • Height adjustable when horizontal from 21" up to 30" for optimal positioning during transfers. Lower the Large Supine Stander to 21" and it accommodates sitting transfers from most chairs/wheelchairs. In the horizontal position it can be raised up to 30" to accommodate other transfers such as transfers to or from a bed or gurney.
  • A strong frame and stable base with a 71" board accommodates persons up to 250 lbs.
  • Lateral support blocks can slide out of the way prior to transfers. They are used for positioning, and can slide in and out from 8" to 16" apart.
  • Chest and hip straps can be moved up or down for optimal positioning. Lateral support blocks can be positioned separately or at the same level as the support straps for stabilizing the patient.
  • Optional use of abduction block, (with collar, adding 2" width) or abduction wedge with a variance of 5" - 11" width, as well as knee straps for lower extremity positioning.
  • Easy-to-use manual crank: When the board is nearly vertical, it takes fewer revolutions of the crank to change the angle. Gas-assist manual crank enables easier, smoother cranking and is far more reliable than electric or hydraulic adjustments with their high failure rates.

  • Calibration markings on the frame are from 0º horizontal to 85º near vertical, useful in specifying positioning.


  • Top 14" of the board flips down for a person who has head control.


  • Low footboard (Figure 5) allows person to be in an almost normal, peer-friendly, upright position. Although best left as close to the floor as possible for safety reasons, the footboard is also height adjustable to optimize positioning for caregiver intervention depending on how tall the person is.

  • Unique S-curved base frame (Figure 6) provides clearance for transfer devices and better positioning for the caregiver during the transfer process.
  • Arm rests fold down, or can be secured at varying angles. Activity tray attaches to arm rests.
  • Sandals come in two sizes, with wedges that can ‘stack and latch’ as needed to accommodate contractures or differences in leg length.

  • Casters are double-locking to prevent roll and swivel for fixed positioning.

Correct use of the Large Supine Stander requires the prior approval and ongoing guidance of a qualified therapist or physician. Adult supervision is required at all times.

Straps and supports are provided for the safety of the user. The use of straps and supports must be closely supervised and must never take the place of a caregiver.

Straps and supports should be carefully adjusted for the comfort and security of the user. Make sure that all adjustment knobs are tight when in use.

The Large Supine Stander is designed for indoor use only.

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