Christmas on the Blogs

Elena Noble, MPT | December 2011

A colorful drawing of an angel with orange wings and a yellow halo

Christmas is always a time of sharing, so I’d like to take a moment and bring to you some of the wonderful stories that have been shared recently in the “mommy blogs” I follow. Surely you have other disability and special needs stories you could share. Send them to me.

I love Confessions of the Chromosomally Enhanced, the blog of a mother with a sister and daughter with Down syndrome. A great sense of humor shines through her posts. Enjoy!

Take a look at Kingsley Kieran’s little Kingsley blog post. He has Spina Bifida and received a Mobile Stander to use during the holidays.

Santa came in style (in a firetruck) to visit Noah and his family. He’s sure been busy – he also came to visit Nickolas and the Ridding family.

A blog that has really touched my heart in the past few weeks is A Worthy Journey which tells the story of Miss Madi, who happens to have Spina Bifida, and her amazing family. They are currently seeking to adopt a little girl in India who also has Spina Bifida because they can’t bear the thought of her not receiving the same wonderful care as they can give their daughter. Truly inspiring.

If there are special needs blogs you particularly like, please send them to me. And enjoy this season of sharing.

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