It’s Called an Activity Chair for a Reason

Webinars on Adaptive Seating to Encourage Participation

August 27, 2018 by Lori Potts, PT

A young girl smiles at the camera in a portrait of her in the Rifton Activity Chair.Recently, Rifton hosted a 2-part webinar on adaptive seating.

Part 1: Sitting for Participation: What Does the Research Say?

This 30-minute webinar provides an overview of available research on adaptive seating as an intervention in pediatric practice. I summarize research evidence on adaptive seating outcomes including impact on postural control, the use of upper extremities while seated, and head control. In addition, I include research with SATCo (Segmental Assessment of Trunk Control) and evidence pertaining to respiration, speech, feeding, and other areas of participation.

Watch the recording or read the transcript here.

Part 2: Functional Sitting with the Activity Chair

This 30 minute webinar provides a demonstration of adaptive seating – I like to call it active seating – explaining features and accessories along with specific tips for therapeutic and functional use. As I demonstrate on an actual chair I emphasize the benefits of dynamic and tilt-in-space features, and discuss positioning of pelvis and hips as the foundation for sitting along with reducing the support provided by accessories to increase independence in sitting.

Watch the recording or read the transcript here.

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