Announcing the Rifton Wave

A Bathing & Transfer System

September 19, 2016 by Sam Durgin

The new adaptive Rifton Wave Bath Chair shown in pink and blue Hygiene and health go together. When we make bathing easier we have healthier clients. So we’ve always been interested in how we can improve our bath chair, and we have been collecting product design ideas for a long time. We’re happy to announce the launch of our all-new Wave system, a thoroughly reimagined bath system to make bathing or showering better—for the client and for the caregiver.

We widened these new bath chairs to accommodate larger clients. To protect skin integrity we added generous padding under soft knit fabric. As well as mounting the chair on a tub stand or rolling shower stand we’ve added an ingenious new tub transfer base to completely change the way you transfer and bathe large clients. There's really nothing like it, and we hope it will make a difference for you.

A young girl with special needs smiling in a pink bath chair while her caregiver helps her with this activity of daily livingHere’s what one early user, a therapist in New York, says:

“The Wave bath chair is terrific! In the past, lifting a child into a tub has been a back killer, but the new transfer base eliminates this hazard entirely. The casters allowing lateral movement in the tub are a welcome addition, and the fact that I can easily collapse the base and hang it on the wall is a fabulous space saver.”

Take a minute to visit the The Wave bath chair page

Production starts in October so feel free to submit for a quote now.

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Pam | September 21, 2016
Wish we could afford this for my daughter
linda | February 18, 2019
does it accomodate a 315 lb man who has rt sided weeknesses
Rifton Equipment | February 20, 2019

The maximum weight limit for the Rifton Wave bath chair is 250 lb. As you may be aware, Rifton’s primary product focus is pediatrics including young adults with developmental disabilities.