Nancy Papa Doran, OT

Occupational Therapist

Nancy Papa Doran, OTI work at the William S. Baer School in Baltimore which provides education and therapeutic services for approximately 170 students with severe multiple disabilities and health impairments. I spend much of my therapy time working on toileting skills with the students.

PT/OT Function-based Practice: The Rifton Support Station April 10, 2012 by Nancy Papa Doran, OT
As an Occupational Therapist I view toileting as a functional life skill, not as an interruption to the day. The product that makes this possible is the Rifton Support Station. For each of the more than twenty students on my caseload I incorporate a toileting objective on their IEP.  And for those students using the Support Station, I will work with them once a day for their toileting routine. I never...