Michelle Meier, PT, DPT

Michelle Meier, DPTMichelle Meier, PT, DPT is a recent graduate of Duke University, who completed her doctorate in May 2021. She works part-time in private practice with Esopus Medical, PC in orthopedics. As a new grad, she assists Rifton Equipment by providing physical therapy resources for consumer and client education. Before PT school, Michelle worked in the Rifton factory where she enjoyed the hands-on nature of the assembly work, and this exposure drove her desire to come back to Rifton as a PT. When she’s not working, Michelle enjoys cooking for family and friends as well as getting outdoors for swimming or trail running with her husband Allan.

Evidence Based Practice Supported Standing: A New Perspective on Physical Activity for Children with CP November 21, 2023 by Michelle Meier, PT, DPT
Physical inactivity is the fourth risk factor for mortality worldwide. In 2010, to counteract the debilitating effects of inactivity and sedentary lifestyles, the World Health Organization (WHO) published guidelines for physical activity across the lifespan.
PT/OT Achieving Optimal Standing Outcomes with the New Rifton Stander August 23, 2023 by Michelle Meier, PT, DPT
Consider the key features and benefits of the new Rifton stander—and how to maximize these to achieve the best standing outcomes for children with disabilities.
PT/OT Clinical Perspectives on Postural Management for Hip Health July 13, 2022 by Michelle Meier, PT, DPT
Recent research provides evidence-based guidelines for postural management intervention in lying, supported sitting and standing for children with non-ambulant CP.