Margaret Rice, PT

Physical Therapist

Margaret Rice is the owner of Your Therapy Source Inc, an online resource for pediatric occupational and physical therapists. She has authored many activity and form books for school based therapists including titles such as Therapeutic Activities for Home and School, Play Move Develop, Modifications and Interventions for School and more.

PT/OT Best Practices for Classroom Prompting February 15, 2016 by Margaret Rice, PT
When teaching children with special needs new skills, therapists and teachers typically provide prompts to guide the process. According to activity-based curriculums, prompts are defined as supports, and may come in many different forms. Prompts are ever changing, depending on the activity. A wide variety of prompts enables special education classroom staff to choose the one or combination that are most...
PT/OT 5 Steps to Improving Communication on the Special Education Team May 28, 2013 by Margaret Rice, PT
Special Education Team Roles and Responsibilities There are many members of the special education team: students, parents, teachers, teacher’s assistants, administrators and therapists. Some team members, especially therapists, can have a varied caseload with students from different classrooms, different grades and even different schools. This can make it difficult to communicate effectively with all...