Linda Bidabe

Founder of the MOVE program

Linda BidabeLinda Bidabe is the founder of the MOVE Program and a curriculum designed to help children and adults with severe disabilities acquire mobility and independence in sitting, standing and walking. At Rifton, we remember Linda as an inspiring visionary, a captivating speaker, and a tireless advocate for people with disabilities.

Tips & Advice Five Common Gait Training Goals and How to Achieve Them September 04, 2012 by Linda Bidabe
The Rifton Pacer gait trainer is a remarkable piece of equipment designed to help people of all ability levels learn to use their motor skills for weight bearing and ambulation. Since the Pacer was introduced I have spoken with hundreds of therapists around the world who use this gait trainer with their clients and students and I’ve seen all kinds of configurations. Sometimes I see therapists who...
PT/OT Brian's Dream October 16, 2006 by Linda Bidabe
Linda is founder and author of the MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education) Curriculum, a revolutionary approach that helps children with severe disabilities to sit, stand, and walk. Developed in the Kern County Schools of California, MOVE has spread to England, Australia and many other countries. For more information contact the MOVE International Foundation or call 1-800...