Justin Gilligan, PTA

justin gilligan listingJustin is the Co-Owner of Therafit Rehab. He is dedicated to helping those with neurological disabilities become more active, mobile and independent. Justin enjoys spending time with his wife, coaching his son's soccer team, watching his daughter's dance ballet, playing with his toddler and preparing for the new baby on the way.

PT/OT Body Weight Supported Treadmill Walking May 02, 2017 by Justin Gilligan, PTA
At our Therafit Rehab clinics in Maryland and New Jersey we specialize in treating children and adults with neurological disabilities such as cerebral palsy, stroke, TBI and Parkinson’s disease.  Time and again our patients tell us their number one goal for rehab is walking – whether for the first time, relearning to walk or just walking better. And it’s no wonder. Walking is an...