Jim Noland SMS, CRTS

Jim Noland, SMS, CRTSJim Noland is an SMS and CRTS, the owner of Presque Isle Rehab Technologies and the founder of LMNbuilder.com. He has also served on the executive board of NRRTS. Jim’s background includes experience as a rehab territory manager for Sunrise Medical in southern California and later in Cleveland. He was the Director of Rehab Technology for Reliant Care for Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Jim also worked for the Accreditation Commission for Health Care as a Surveyor for HME and Rehab Technology. He is licensed as a physical therapy assistant and is experienced in many fields including wound care, brain injury, seating and spinal cord injury. He is a respected speaker on pediatric mobility and adaptive equipment.

Tips & Advice Funding Pediatric Adaptive Equipment and the Role of Developmental Planning August 02, 2011 by Jim Noland SMS, CRTS
Obtaining funding for pediatric adaptive equipment can be challenging. But how you document a child’s needs, can significantly improve your chances of success. Using a developmental planning approach that encompasses both current and future adaptive equipment needs can make all the difference. Planning for physical needs, cognitive needs and equipment Developmental planning is the process of using...