Jackie Honeyfield, PT

Jackie Honeyfield is a staff physical therapist at Advanced Healthcare of Aurora in Colorado. She grew up in Englewood and received her Master’s in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in New York. After studies she returned to Colorado where she worked first in an outpatient clinic and providing home health therapy for children. After about a year she found her true niche in the inpatient skilled rehabilitation environment where she has now worked for eight years.

PT/OT Improved Rehab Intervention with the TRAM May 26, 2015 by Jackie Honeyfield, PT
The Rifton TRAM is a great addition to our skilled rehabilitation department, especially for those patients with neurological deficits. One therapist can safely assist a patient in the TRAM through a functional mobility progression starting with sitting balance on the edge of the bed, standing tolerance, posture and then gait normalization. In the past, many of these therapeutic activities needed multiple...